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Happy bday also to my bro bro & Keisha’s twinny twin twin Kenee! The tallest of us all and the only 1 of us with a full long a$$ Nigerian name on ya birth certificate! You’ze a grown man with a full beard & errythAng! I hate that my HS friends be lookin at you with cougar in their eyes, but what can I say but that we’re related 😜Love u bro!! & can’t wait to see ya soon! K. Bye! #twins #bday #libra #libraseason

Happy bday to my baby sista Keisha! If I would’ve named you 100% myself your name woulda been Iesha (after than Another Bad Creation song)! Lol. And when Mommy named you something that rhymed with what I thought of, I thought you were my own personal lil cocoa baby doll! I dressed u in cute clothes, tons of jewelry and makeup - you were just so cute ! And you still are - I’m so tempted to play dress up with u even now but you’ze a woman now so Imma chill! Anyway, you look beautiful today & I look fwd to celebrating with you! Thanks for being an awesome sis & an awesome artist/designer! 😘😘

Happy bday to the man who gave me my height, the man who Loves me, prays for me, the man whose accent I love to imitate - my Daddy! I know that you follow me on IG now & that creeped me out at first but I know it’s all in Love. Lol. I Love you too & hope you appreciated my early morning bday serenade turned goofy spell of laughter. Ok, Im done now. Love u. K? Bye. πŸ’•πŸ’›πŸ’•

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